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what do you want it to be?

m o r e .
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American Horror Story is a horror television series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

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#this show has 12 emmy nominations

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Tyler Posey + text posts

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What makes me so happy about this is that she isn’t telling you you must love your body or that you are obligated to. She saying you have permission to. And that’s important, because there are a lot of reasons why people have trouble with self-love.  But the idea that you aren’t supposed to love your body, that you aren’t allowed to for whatever reason, needs to be crushed. If you can’t love you body right now, if your body causes you pain or disphoria or distress, you aren’t required to love it. But you are ALLOWED to. You are entitled to the chance to make peace with your body, if you ever reach a point where you are ready to. No one else should be trying to stop you.

Sometimes I see or read things, and I didn’t realize that I needed them until they are two GIFs of Nicki Minaj and some amazing commentary that come across my dash and I instantly burst in to tears and feel a weight lifted off my chest.

This is so important

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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I’ll respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn’t disrespect my existence.


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Wonderland 2012 / Vanity Fair 2013

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Arrow Meme | nine scenes [2/9]

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